Representative Cases On Appeal:

Glover v. Glover, 2007-UP-207, filed 05/09/07
From South Carolina Circuit Court to South Carolina Court of Appeals

Dwight D. Messinger, Petitioner, v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, et al.
April 9, 2015 (No. 15-55).
From Beaufort County Master in Equity to United States Supreme Court  

Our Appellate Practice:

Lawyers and parties in lawsuits alike are encouraged to contact the Pinckney Law Firm, LLC, to discuss whether a particular court decision may be a candidate for an appeal, and for handling the appeal. The appellate process is often lengthy and complex. Successful appeals require a combination of strong appellate briefs as well as a compelling arguments.

Over the course of their careers, our attorneys have used their skills to successfully appeal cases on behalf of their clients and on behalf of other attorneys. Appeals handled by the firm include Glover v. Glover, 2007-UP-207, filed 05/09/07, in which we successfully reversed a Circuit Court judgment on appeal from Dorchester County to establish our client’s standing to set aside a fraudulent tax deed, recognize a constructive trust, and confirm a prescriptive easement.

To learn how the firm can protect you, your company or your legal client in an appeals court matter, contact us today. There is no charge for an initial consultation.