Website R&D

Content Management Systems

Pinckney Law Firm, LLC, provides legal advice for clients who use WordPress and other popular programs as a “Content Management System” or “CMS.” The firm serves as legal counsel for both local and remote website developers.  We help our website-developer clients focus on their work (such as improving a clients’ SEO and E-Commerce solutions) rather than dealing with any legal or regulatory issues.

Website Contracts – Attorneys of the firm have become well versed in a variety of computer languages involved with website development in general: HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, ETC. If you are interested in improving your online presence while avoiding legal issues associated with the contract and regulatory law of our modern e-commerce industry, we can initiate a research and development process for your online presence using precedents and best practices.

Website Development

In addition to providing legal services for website developers, the firm advises private clients regarding all of the legal and practical aspects of maintaining WordPress website, including domain-name registration, website hosting, CMS administration, WordPress installations, and other “online-related” matters.

We encourage you to contact our firm for any “online” presence issues so that you can continue to craft the best online experience for your customers. 

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